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Transformation Letter

Dear AITP Community,



It is with a mix of sadness and excitement that we look forward to the beginning of the 2023 Fall Semester from which point on this organization shall be no longer known as the Association of IT Professionals at Purdue, but instead as the Purdue IT Professionals or PITP. 



Since 1987, AITP has maintained a strong presence on Purdue's campus and fostered the development of its members into computing professionals. However, the national chapter that we were once affiliated with, and who owns the AITP trademark, is no more. On November 17th, 2021, the club received a written statement from CompTIA to terminate the chapter agreement and request the discontinuation of the AITP name. This happened right before the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why any official name changes have been delayed until now. However, as the world slowly returns to normal and we look to extend the club’s public image beyond Purdue’s borders, it was essential to change the name to avoid future legal disputes.



With that, we would like to formally introduce the name that the newly elected board decided to move forward with as the Purdue Information Technology Professionals (short PITP).



The name might have changed, but PITP is the same organization that started as AITP on Purdue’s campus 36 years ago. The club remains committed to its six pillars of professional/social development, mentorship, company tech talks, computing competitions, scholarships, and the computing career fair. With this in mind, the current board also intends to increase the club’s campus presence and alumni involvement in an effort to continue to help our members take the leap to becoming computing professionals.



We appreciate everyone’s continued support and look forward to a great year 2023-24 and beyond!



The PITP Board

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