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In addition to the Fall Computing Career Fair and the Spring Computing Challenge Day, PITP hosts weekly events on Tuesdays from 7:30-8:30pm (times may change). 

Events We Offer

Annually, on top of the regular meetings that we host, we hold various events that further promote our vision and pillars - to foster the development of our members into computing professions. Click on the event that interests you to learn more.


The Computing Career Fair, a joint effort between PITP and CIT (Department of Computer and Information Technology), typically takes place around September at Purdue. Companies from all over the U.S. are represented to connect with Purdue computing students.

The Computing Challenge Day is an all-day event that provides our members with an opportunity to compete in computing challenges hosted by our partners.

Tech Talks allow representatives to talk directly to our members, giving students the chance to learn more about the company and the industry.

These are the regular events that we offer, but we are opened to other events as well. Scroll down to learn more about collaborating with us on your idea.


Collaborate With Us!

We're always open to collaborate with organizations or companies on our events.


Whether you are looking to host a challenge on our Computing Challenge Day, connect with Purdue's highly-skilled computing students at the Computing Career Fair, directly  interact with our members through Tech Talks, sponsor us, or have any other ideas -

let us know, and collaborate with us.

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